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Improved Profits

Improved Profits

According to Work BC's most recent report, demand for employees in the following sectors is anticipated to exceed the supply over the next ten years:

  •  green technology, digital media and life sciences
  •  traditional industries such as natural resources (expected to grow through innovation); and
  •  service industries including health care, high-tech and retail sales.

Not all of these sectors include jobs that are a good fit for individuals with ASD, but the majority of them do, including high-tech industries, digital media, life sciences, and many support roles in natural resources and the health care industry.

Pearl Hiemstra, as the mother of an autistic son and information technology professional, believes that employers will be most-easily recruited to provide jobs for young people with ASD if they know someone who has an Autism spectrum disorder – perhaps even in their own family.

Focus Ability WorkAble Solutions will be providing employment services to businesses and organizations in British Columbia, as well as to individuals on the Autism spectrum, their families, and the community as a whole.
Services to businesses will include contract employment and employment services in the following areas:

  •  Software documentation, training, and development
  •  Teaching and online learning development
  •  Food Preparation
  •  Financial and Banking data analysis
  •  Animal, Medical, Engineering Sciences
  •  Music Composition
  •  Graphic design and web design
  •  Professional Writing and Illustration

Each of the planned fields of employment are ones in which individuals on the Autism spectrum can contribute and offer outstanding specialized skills.

Services to employees, who will be young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), will include employment testing focusing on skills, abilities and interests, a job-readiness and employment skills curriculum, support on-the job, and job placement in their areas of skill and interest.

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