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Our success comes from our innovation, team knowledge, and the tools in our program.  We have a caring, supportive, and talented mix of ASD and non-ASD minds in our directors who have an average of 19 years experience in our company directorship.

Our Assessment process has been a proven success by Meticulon and Passwerks and has been customized to fit our BC individuals.  Our training process is customized and we follow Social Thinking At Work and use the Michelle Garcia Winner Adult Social Behaviour Mapping, and many more recognized resources.  We have the best CBT services on staff as many new job transitions can cause anxiety.  Our job developer was trained by Denise Bissonnette.  We offer customized diversity training to all our customers.  Our job coach director has worked in various areas of BC and currently provides employment support to teens and all ages of individuals with multiple barriers to employment, providing training, facilitation and coaching support. 

We also offer an entrepreneur program for those who feel they are ready to start their own business and sell their specialized talent for a living.  For more information on our innovation, team, tools or program please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Adults with ASD or other developing abilities have many positive traits that contribute to positive employment outcomes which can be extremely valuable to employers.  Examples of these traits include conscientious reliability, honesty, a deep focus on detail, a lack of interest in gossip or conflicts with others at work, exceptional memories, excellent work ethic, and willingness to work hard. These traits are valuable assets for employers because long term reliable and loyal staff are difficult to find.  Those companies willing to diversify their employee base and take advantage of these special traits will realize improved profits and a more stable work environment.

By improving the situation of this vulnerable group of people, Focus Ability’s goals are to help employers find better employees in order to add diversity to the work place.  The benefits are multiple: the employee wins because they have built self-esteem and obtained paid work; the employer wins because they have a unique, loyal, and hard-working person with special skills; the community wins because another person has successfully transitioned into the community to be a valuable and contributing member; Focus Ability wins because we can fulfil our mandate to help people and make a profit to maintain our sustainability.  


We are currently developing on our own success stories to publish here so check back every few months!!

See Videos to view some of the success stories that inspired us to do what we do.

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