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Here ares some Podcast Links for you to listen to:

Katherine Paxton Interview on ASD & Depression on CBC Radio in Kelowna BC - Mar 2019 

  Listen to Katherine's interview on CBC Radio


Temple Grandin on How to Increase Employment for Autistic Adults

Autism Knows No Borders Podcast - Dec 2020



From Psychiatry Unbound: 

Dr. Lawrence Fung, a leader in the field of Neurodiversity discusses his new book Neurodiversity: From Phenomenology to Neurobiology and Enhancing Technologies with Dr. Laura Roberts to explore this fascinating new area. Because the field is in its infancy, there are few authoritative resources for clinicians and educators who wish to understand their neurodiverse patients and students. Dr. Fung and Dr. Roberts provide real-life examples of Neurodiversity in our world.

In this episode

  • The benefits of SBNM (strengths-based model of neurodiversity) vs deficit model
  • The opportunities for the neurodiverse workforce and benefits to the companies who hire them
  • Guidance for families with neurodiverse members
  • Neurodiversity, is it a disorder or a trait?



  Listen to Neurodiversity in our world