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Focus Ability CCC Inc. is a company that helps provide Working Solutions for adults with high-functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and other diverse abilities let their special skills shine through in local workplaces.  Many fully capable adults have difficulty navigating the complex process of the working world including job searching, interviewing, and maintaining job security.  Focus Ability uses a proven assessment and training process along with full job support to help adults with particularly strong abilities access the job market and prepare for careers.  This support helps create important independence and self-confidence skills. 


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Due to Covid-19 safety readiness, we are currently rescheduling our Adult Employment Program and Workshops to start again in September 2021.  Spring of 2022 we will be bringing "Launch Into Life" so contact us if you would like to see us bring a program or workshop to your area here in BC.

 Work Experience Program 2021

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Our programs are expanding in ages and locations  

Focus Ability Community Contribution Company would like to thank everyone for the support we have been given by the community and families of those with uneven cognitive abilities in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, and Salmon Arm. We have expanded our adult employment and social programs to include those who are 16-19 years old to help both the families and the individuals keep up with peer groups and experiences.

We enjoy helping those who are creating awareness through community events and support them whenever we are able. Seventeen participants have taken over 100 hours of assessment and training receiving a full report, MindMap™, Individual Work Plan, and ongoing job support. The majority of the people we have trained have found employment through us.  Other participants are preparing for work and contracts in the technology and non-profit sectors.    We have also been hard at work to provide post-secondary supports and guidance for those who need job shadows, career direction, and educational supports.

We wish to recognize and thank the community businesses and support groups for helping to bring awareness and lend support to adults with special abilities to enter the workforce. 




Focus Ability places applicants into fields of employment after they complete the assessment and training program; additionally, Focus provides on and off-site support through job coaches and an internal point of contact.  There are many careers and fields of employment that benefit people with ASD and other developing abilities, such as:

  • Software documentation, training, and development
  • Teaching and online learning development
  • Food preparation
  • Financial and banking data analysis
  • Animal, Medical, and Engineering sciences
  • Music composition 
  • Graphic and Website design
  • Professional writer or illustrator
  • Event / Sales associates
  • Bookkeeping including QuickBooks/Sage Simply training and support.

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