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Official Rescheduling from Focus Ability Community Contribution Company Inc.: Due to travel restrictions and caution for public gatherings, the workshops on Anxiety, Depression, CBT, and Launch into Life parent workshops scheduled with Katherine Paxton will be postponed due to Covid-19 health restrictions and are rescheduled when it is safe to do so.  

Thank You for your patience and concern for public health and safety in our communities!


     We would like to thank Katherine Paxton Counselling for the contributions towards bringing these workshops each year!!  


     Some of the previous workshops we have held were:


 Time/Place in BC “I’m a Bit Anxious About This: Anxiety and ASD” focuses on the experience of anxiety for people on the autism spectrum, the most common emotional issue.  Time/Place in BC “This is Getting Me Down” Depression and Autism focus on helping children (and adults) with an autism spectrum disorder learn helpful ways to manage their depression.  Time/Place in BC “Launch Into Life! Transition Workshop” This informative and hands-on workshop prepares parents and caregivers of children with autism for the transition to adulthood, helping them create an individualized transition plan for their child, and providing valuable information. 


      Please contact us if you have more questions regarding these or any workshops that we sponsor.