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  More workshops to come this fall for Employers, Summer Employment and more!!  Contact Us to find out more. 


We would like to thank Katherine Paxton Counselling for the contributions towards bringing these workshops each year!!

19 Mar 2019 in Vernon, BC “I’m a Bit Anxious About This: Anxiety and ASD” focuses on the experience of anxiety for people on the autism spectrum, the most common emotional issue. Click Here for more information.   20 Mar 2019 in Salmon Arm “I’m so Happy I Could Scream: Emotions and Emotional Regulation” focuses on helping children (and adults) with an autism spectrum disorder learn helpful ways to manage their emotions in socially acceptable ways. Click Here for more information.   22 Mar 2019 in Kelowna “This is Getting Me Down: Depression and ASD” focuses on the experience of depression for people on the autism spectrum, the second most common emotional issue. Click Here for more information.


   Please contact us if you have more questions regarding these or any workshops that we sponsor.


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